Real-Time Patient Consultations for Healthcare Systems

ALY enables instant consult requests, streamlined progress monitoring, and secure communication among medical professionals. Access centralized patient information for informed decision-making. Enhance patient care with ALY's real-time collaboration and efficient workflow.



Trusted by hospitals across the nation

No more emails.
No more headaches.

No more having to look at call schedules, having to page doctors, or waiting for them to call.

Doctor ↔️ hospital chat

Communicate directly with physicians using
secure chat rooms for each consult.

Share text, images and files.
Keep everything in one place.

Realtime tracking

Every action is tracked with a date, time, and user stamp. Your staff will always be in the loop.

Built with healthcare systems in mind

Aly was built by people who understand the daily challenges faced by hospitals.



Aly has built-in capabilities that can help your organization better meet the requirements of HIPAA compliance and regulations.



Aly allows each member of your staff to have their individual account within the system, which helps with traceability, visibility, and accountability.



Aly's unified web and mobile interface aims to make the process of requesting consults so simple, that it becomes second nature to your staff.

Let Aly do all the heavy lifting

So that your team can focus on providing better, faster care for patients

Auto Reminders

To ensure consults aren't missed, Aly sends reminders every 5 minutes until the doctor acknowledges.

Centralized Hub

Keep all communication, updates and consult requests neatly organized in one place for easy access.

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